Faculty Forum

CCID recognizes the key role that faculty play in the internationalization process at any higher education institution. Whether it is introducing students to global perspectives in the classroom, welcoming international students to the campus, leading students on a study abroad experience, or participating in a faculty exchange program in another country, faculty need to be engaged and enthusiastic about the global mission of the institution in order for it to meet its internationalization goals.

We hope you will get involved with the faculty forum at CCID's Annual Conference to share ideas, resources, and ask questions about your role in advancing - or even launching - internationalization on your campus. We also encourage you to participate in or lead sessions at our events.

CCID's System of Comprehensive Internationalization has opportunities for faculty to join an improvement cohort in areas specific to faculty development in the context of internationalization. See the SCI page for details.

Finally, CCID offers faculty training opportunities for leading study abroad trips for your college.

Please contact us to find out more about getting involved in these opportunities.

Faculty Resources:

Fulbright Programs